Cosmic Tales

Ship’s Locker

001-1105 2321 Galegia A000531-D Dandalo/Foreven

In the interest of getting started quickly, I’m not going to going to detail out every piece of equipment the crew has. I’m willing to retcon small items that make sense. I am going to figure out the small arms and equipment that is in the ship’s locker.

Baronet Oaklynn Neuberger is a director on the board for Faliero Arsenal Group, so I’m giving the crew a 10% discount on weapons from them. Unfortunately while FAG weapons are easy to handle, they aren’t the best quality and are prone to dangerous misfires. But hopefully they won’t have to fire guns very often. Simply having them is a major deterrent. Also only Della is any good at combat, and she’s only effective in dolphin battle dress.

The biggest expense is equipping our dolphin pilot. She’s getting a full suit of powered armor so she can walk around most of the ship and off it. Since she’s getting dolphin battle dress, might as well give her a big gun to mount on it. So she gets a dolphin portable plasma gun. Since they aren’t in dolphin space I’m giving it an additional 10% markup.

For the rest of the crew we go simple. Vacc suits, assault shotguns, body laser pistols, laser combines, and gauss rifles.

Traveller 5 Equipment

One of the things I like about Traveller 5 is it has an easy way of generating guns and armor for different tech levels. Okay, not exactly easy, but robust and easily automated. Since they are buying initial equipment at a TL 13 world, they’ve got access to some nice gear.

The QREBS system in Traveller 5 takes a little bit to get used to. Even if you don’t use it all the time, it’s a neat way to add flavor to individual items. Or different manufacturers in your Traveller Universe. There’s a nice little table in T5 Book 1 p. 269 that has a chart of mods to apply for each megacorp. Following that example, I made mods for corporations in the Foreven sector. The full list will come later, but there are three manufacturers I’m using for my initial purchases.

First up is InteliSea, the dolphin megacorp. Their primary focus is on hands free sensors and ship’s systems. But they also manufacture weapons for the Dolphin Khanate. They have a bonus to Quality and Ease of Use, but a penalty to Burden. They also tend to be more expensive than equivalent gear from other manufacturers.

The Faliero Arsenal Group makes cheap weapons. As mentioned above, they have a penalty to Quality and Safety, but they do have a bonus to Ease of Use. They will probably wear out quickly, but it’ll do for starting guns.

Lastly the crew is getting premium vacuum suits from Guan Heavy Industries. GHI is a mining consortium, making mostly manufacturing and refining equipment. But asteroid mining means vacc suits. GHI gear gets a bonus to Reliability, but is bulky so a penalty to Burden.


Traveller 5 Stats

Ultimate Heavy Assault Shotgun-13

Model # FAG-242AS
Manufacturer Faliero Arsenal Group (2321 Galegia A000531-D Dandalo/Foreven)

Wx R=5 Cr1,400 2.91kg Frag-2 Bang-4 Blast-2

QREBS 4 4 1 -1 -1


Improved Laser Pistol-11

Model # Echo 375iLP
Manufacturer InteliSea (1429 Echo A895530-B Ag Cx Ni Echo/Foreven)

Wx R=2 Cr330 1.32kg Burn-3 Pen-2

QREBS 6 1 3 0 0


Improved Body Laser Pistol-13

Model # FAG-22P
Manufacturer Faliero Arsenal Group (2321 Galegia A000531-D Dandalo/Foreven)

Wx R=1 Cr900 0.66kg Burn-2 Pen-2

QREBS 4 1 2 -5 -1


Advanced Laser Carbine-13

Model # FAG-42C
Manufacturer Faliero Arsenal Group (2321 Galegia A000531-D Dandalo/Foreven)

Wx R=4 Cr4,500 2.88kg Burn-4 Pen-2

QREBS 4 0 1 -4 -1


Improved Gauss Rifle-13

Model # FAG-6GR
Manufacturer Faliero Arsenal Group (2321 Galegia A000531-D Dandalo/Foreven)

Wx R=5 Cr1,000 3.6kg Bullet-6

QREBS 4 1 2 -1 -1


Improved Plasma Gun Portable-12

Model # Eminence KB-8001-PG
Manufacturer InteliSea (1726 Eminence B4276BA-C Co Da Ni Dandalo/Foreven)

Wx R=5 Cr12,500 22.5kg Pen-6 Burn-3

QREBS 6 1 3 -1 0


Advanced Vlight Vacc Suit-13

Model # G4962-VS
Manufacturer Guan [管] Heavy Industries (2321 Galegia A000531-D Dandalo/Foreven)

Ax Cr40,000 4.8kg Ar=15 Ca=10 Fl=6 Ra=6 So=6 Ps=4 In=33 Se=10

Controls Self
Sensors Basic
Comms Standard
Power/LS Day

QREBS 5 1 0 1 0

Physical Characteristics Mods

Light Drop Dress Dolphin-12

Model # Eminence 368-DN6
Manufacturer InteliSea (1726 Eminence B4276BA-C Co Da Ni Dandalo/Foreven)

Designed to allow a dolphin to swim through the air using anti-gravity, this protective suit allows them to operate in vacuum or even descend to a planet. A built in pair of retractable waldo arms facilitate operation of humaniti designed devices, and can also help load the dolphin into the suit. Controlled either by audio commands or a neural jack, it is the powered armor of choice for dolphin marines.

Ax Cr150,000 84kg Ar=69 Ca=3 Fl=45 Ra=3 So=45 Ps=1 In=11 Se=45

Controls Manual, Wafer
Sensors Basic, Additional, Enhanced 1
Comms Battlefield;
Power/LS 3 Days


QREBS 6 0 2 1 0

Physical Characteristics Mods

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