Cosmic Tales

Brave Nightingale

Built by Kelem Shipyards at Galegia (2321 A000531-D As Ni Va Dandalo/Foreven), the Brave Nightingale is a 300 ton far trader with a mixture of passenger accommodations. Built for Captain Illya while he served his three year sentence, the ship has a few modifications from the standard design. Most notably a special life support module that can flood dolphin pilot Della’s quarters, and a wafer jack interface to let her pilot the ship directly.

Ship Profile

A-CS42 Vx: R1 Cx: ABCDYZ
300 tons
Crew 6
Passage High 2 Mid 2 Low 8
Cargo 85 tons
Fuel 63.6 tons
Acceleration 4G
Jump 2


Landing Legs with Pad
Fuel Scoop w/ Purifier
Anti-Kinetic Composite Polymer Armor
Ultimate AR Triple Missile Turret
Advanced Vd Triple Beam Laser Turret
Ultimate Vd Triple Sandcaster Turret
Ultimate LR Comms
Ultimate AR Scope
Modified LR Neutrino Detector
Improved AR EMS
Modified Vd Activity Detector
Ultimate D Deep Radar
Ultimate D Radiation Sensor
Ultimate D Sniffer
Advanced Vd Proximity Detector
Ultimate D Life Detector


Cost 144,128,117 Cr
Owed 48,042,705.56 Cr
Monthly Payment 200,178 Cr
480 months remaining