Cosmic Tales

New Years

001-1105 1516 Galegia (2321 A000531-D As Ni Va Dandalo/Foreven)
The Frozen Shipmate

“The good news is, the ship will be ready in two days,” said Captain Illya to the assembled crew. A beaked black and silver mask rested beside him on the table made from a recycled frozen watch berth they were assembled around. They were meeting at The Frozen Shipmate, a starport bar frequented by spacers. “Unfortunately with the convoy leaving this week, cargo loaders are booked up for the next five days.”

“What should we do until then?” asked First Officer Ying, her ghoulish, purple mask hanging around her neck. Galegia’s New Year’s tradition involved an all day masquerade party, and everyone brought a mask to join in the festivities.

“Enjoy tonight and rest up tomorrow,” replied Illya. “Then I expect everyone on board to inspect the Brave Nightingale and spend two days becoming familiar with her systems.”

“I’ll talk to my contacts, maybe Faliero has cargo we can haul,” chimed in Baronet Oaklynn. Not content with a simple mask, she wore a personal holographic projector that made her appear as an exotic avian with ever color changing feathers.

“Are we sure we want to work for those pirates?” asked Doctor Trinh. “We are expendable to them.” Her bright mask, decorated with stylized swirls of yellow and white, sat before her on the table.

“The Faliero Arsenal Group is a legitimate business with offices all over the sector,” shot back Baronet Oaklynn. “Their credits are good.”

“Speaking of credits, can anyone lend me a few for drinks tonight?” asked Radek, meekly. “Some of us haven’t been paid yet.” He wore a cheap, disposable white mask with an exaggerated smile, mass produced and available all over the station for a few credits.

“Stick with me kid,” chirped Della, “be my guide for this human holiday and I’ll make sure you’ve got enough drinks.” Everyone else sat around the table, but the dolphin in her battle armor hovered over the end of the table. She couldn’t really sit in it, but she couldn’t move about the station without it. A realistic mask of holovid star Threnody Brown was awkwardly strapped to her faceplate.

“Don’t worry Dušek,” said Doctor Trinh, standing up and putting on her mask. “Everyone has fun for New Years in Galegia.”

“Just remember to hydrate and sleep it off tomorrow,” Illya said to his departing crew. “And don’t get into too much trouble.”

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