Cosmic Tales


The Foreven sector is spinward of the Spinward Marches. Almost half the sector is controlled by the Zhodani Consulate, and there rest is split between non-aligned worlds and a variety of pocket empires.

Foreven Sector

Akaiya Zhatanoe

During the First Frontier War a fleet of Vargr allied with the Zhodani seized this section of space. The Zhodani have been content to allow the allied buffer state to remain, as long as the Vargr direct their raids away from the Consulate.

Dolphin Khanate

Settled by uplifted Dolphins and Octopi from Sol, the Khanate is built to accommodate aquatic sophonts. Most starports do have a dedicated dry district for visiting sophonts.


While Galegia only has a small population living in an asteroid belt around a dim red star, it is an important world for the subsector. Located at the intersection of trade between the Dolphin Khanate, the Akaiya Zhatanoe (and the Zhodani beyond), and a line of independent human worlds that connect to the spinward edge of the Imperium, Galegia is a center of trade. It is one of the major shipbuilders for the sector, and home base to a number of merchant fleets.

Hillcrest Autonomous Zone

A cluster of worlds that embraces transhumanism. Cybernetics, bio-hacks, and geneering are much more prevalent than in other Humaniti cultures. Hillcrest is the second most populated world in the sector, with over three trillion inhabitants.

Meitner Alliance

An ally of the Dolphin Khanate, the Meitner Alliance is also inhabited by uplifts. Primarily uplifted apes and chimpanzees, but other terrestrial uplifts make their home here as well.

Three Hundred Jumps

Three thousand years ago, after the Hiver-K’Kree War, when the Hivers learned the price of peace would be the extermination of the K’Kree they had manipulated in the Kilong sector, a small group of Hivers felt responsible. They hastily put together a fleet and rescued as many of the doomed K’Kree as possible.

By the time they arrived the manipulation of K’Kree culture has been mostly undone, although by necessity a tolerance of isolation remained. While the two species got along better, they still had different ideas on how to live. They divided the region in two. The K’Kree named their colony Three Hundred Jumps, so they would always remember the long journey to their new homes.

Victory’s Debt

The Hivers named their colony Victory’s Debt, knowing that their separation from the Federation was a price they had to pay to bring peace and also save their new alien cousins.

Young Suns

A group of smaller Aslan clans seeking new worlds to grow have established an exclave in the corner of the sector.